Season 1 of The Flash had several great moments

Season 1 of The Flash had several great moments

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Season 1 of The Flash had several great moments

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So maybe you are one of the few people that did not see the first season of The Flash on The CW. If not let me tell you what you missed.  Or maybe you are a huge fan and just want to have a little "flash"back.

Season one was a fast moving season in that there was plenty of action, great character development, and a storyline that revolved around a significant villain with a huge climatic finish.

I won't give away much here for those that haven't seen the series but you really do get a lot in this series. The series starts out with the origin of the Flash in episode 1 which as comic book fans know Barry Allen becomes the Flash after chemicals are hit by lighting in his lab. But Barry isn't the only one as several other people in Central City also end up with powers.

Comic book fans will love the show as you get a literal rogues gallery of villains in the first season. Each villain is introduced and after some detective work and the need for Barry to push his powers are quickly dispatched but not always without consequences.

Check out the first season of The Flash and enjoy Barry's successes while also watching him grow as a man and a superhero. His friends and enemies are all interesting and I recommend that you check out the series.



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