36 Hours to Save the President

36 Hours to Save the President

L June 08, 2016
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As a birthday present, Alex Linwood receives his first book about Abraham Lincoln.  Thus begins a lifelong admiration of the 16th President.  Over the years, Alex continues to acquire books about Lincoln and ultimately decides to visit both Springfield, Illinois and Washington DC, to explore locales that were frequented by Lincoln.

 It is at one of these sites that, through a serendipitous event, Alex is transported back to April 13, 1865, where a spirit from Lincoln’s past explains to Alex that he has been given the unique opportunity to devote the next 36 hours to save the President.

While in 1865 Washington City, Alex comes face to face with people central to the tragic events leading up to the Lincoln assassination, as well as one person who has a profound effect upon his time there.  As the hours count down, the lives of Lincoln, Booth and Alex Linwood become closely entwined.  But, can he prevent John Wilkes Booth from murdering the President and thereby alter the course of history?  

This thrilling suspense novel is a must read for all Abraham Lincoln devotees and anyone who has ever felt the burning desire to try and go back in time and change history.

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