Dragon Zoo: Night of the Prowlers

Dragon Zoo: Night of the Prowlers

F March 25, 2016
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Dragon Zoo: Night of the Prowlers


Martyn Perry
What would you do if you discovered somebody's diary? Is there anything more tempting than reading someone's inner monologue, their thoughts, feelings and secrets... How well do you get to know that person as a result of reading those diary pages? Now what if that diary was found at a crime scene, a scene where the writer was found dead? 

In this thrilling short fantasy horror story set within the Dragon Zoo Universe, a young man's diary contains the only secrets of a night of terror on Halloween. Dragons exist…is this diary proof? 

Dragon Zoo: Night of the Prowlers is the gripping introduction to the Prowler Dragon Species and a teasing insight into the thrills in store within the Dragon Zoo Universe.

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Night of the Prowlers by Martyn Perry is a nice introduction to his YA dragon series

Dragon Zoo: Night of the Prowlers by Martyn Perry is a nice short story at 28 pages that introduces dragons and his upcoming Dragon Zoo series. The book is written for the youth audience but as some one much older I found the book an entertaining read also.

The plot of the boo reviews around a a young man that decides to start a diary and write about his daily activities as a gift shop manager based on the side of a volcano. Life is usually pretty boring for him until one day when he is at work at this gift shop when strange things start to occur.

I won't give away what happens but you won't be surprised that it involves dragons. I give this short story 4 out of 5 stars for it's interesting plot and introduction to dragons. The story telling as a diary was different yet I wish there were more characters to read about.

The Dragon Zoo book comes out April 3rd and is titled Dragon Zoo: Apocalypse and is longer at 126 pages. http://www.amazon.com/Dragon-Zoo-Apocalypse-Martyn-Perry-ebook/dp/B00U1CMMA8

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