A Quest of Heroes

A Quest of Heroes

F April 05, 2016
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A Quest of Heroes


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From #1 Bestselling author Morgan Rice comes the debut of a dazzling new fantasy series. A QUEST OF HEROES (BOOK #1 IN THE SORCERER’S RING) revolves around the epic coming of age story of one special boy, a 14 year old from a small village on the outskirts of the Kingdom of the Ring. The youngest of four, the least favorite of his father, hated by his brothers, Thorgrin senses he is different from the others. He dreams of becoming a great warrior, of joining the King’s men and protecting the Ring from the hordes of creatures on the other side of the Canyon. When he comes of age and is forbidden by his father to try out for the King’s Legion, he refuses to take no for an answer: he journeys out on his own, determined to force his way into King’s Court and be taken seriously.

But King’s Court is rife with its own family dramas, power struggles, ambitions, jealousy, violence and betrayal. King MacGil must choose an heir from amongst his children, and the ancient Dynasty Sword, the source of all their power, still sits untouched, waiting for the chosen one to arrive. Thorgrin arrives as an outsider and battles to be accepted, and to join the King’s Legion.

Thorgrin comes to learn he has mysterious powers he does not understand, that he has a special gift, and a special destiny. Against all odds he falls in love with the king’s daughter, and as their forbidden relationship blossoms, he discovers he has powerful rivals. As he struggles to make sense of his powers, the king’s sorcerer takes him under his wing and tells him of a mother he never knew, in a land far away, beyond the Canyon, beyond even the land of the Dragons.

Before Thorgrin can venture out and become the warrior he yearns to be, he must complete his training. But this may be cut short, as he finds himself propelled into the center of royal plots and counterplots, ones that may threaten his love and bring him down―and the entire kingdom with him.

With its sophisticated world-building and characterization, A QUEST OF HEROES is an epic tale of friends and lovers, of rivals and suitors, of knights and dragons, of intrigues and political machinations, of coming of age, of broken hearts, of deception, ambition and betrayal. It is a tale of honor and courage, of fate and destiny, of sorcery. It is a fantasy that brings us into a world we will never forget, and which will appeal to all ages and genders. It is 82,000 words.

Books #3--#17 in the series are now also available!



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A Quest of Heroes by Morgan Rice is free and is a great fantasy series

What can I say about A Quest of Heroes that doesn't sound like a gushing fanboy?  I loved this book and found myself quickly reading several of the books in the Sorcerer's Ring series.  This first book in the series, A Quest of Heroes, is free and focuses on the origin of a young man named Thorgrin.  He is a young man that although he is only 11 years old he has a tremendous drive and belief that he is going to be someone great.  Yet when the King's Legion comes to pick new, young recruits Thorgrin gets passed over as too scrawny and small.

Most boys that age would just give up and go cry in a corner but not Thor.  He decides to go to King's Court himself and prove to the Legion that they made a mistake and he desires to be part of them.  This series makes you care about Thor and the friends he meets and the enemies they face.  I know this is considered teen fiction but even at three times the recommended age I found this fantasy series extremely enjoyable and well written.

I continued to find myself want to see what amazing things Thor could achieve as he learns and matures through the series.  The characters are all very well written and the story is truly epic with tensions and conflicts among not just three different kingdoms but also among the princes and princesses of the kingdom. I would rate this first book five out of five stars with plenty of character development and enough action to leave you waiting for more.  The book it shorter than most books I read at 234 pages but being free you can't argue you are not getting your monies worth.  Try this book out if you like fantasy books, medieval castles, dragons, princesses, or epic storylines with great characters.

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