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Fun read about witches and werewolfs in a Victorian era

The busy season at work and with kids sports is slowing down so it is time to get caught up with a bunch of book reviews. So up next is the young adult mystery and thriller Julia Vanishes by Catherine Egan. 
This was an enjoyable read about Julia, a young woman who can't actually turn invisible but instead can become unseen. She takes a job as a housekeeper at an elderly ladies residence but is actually a spy planning to steal something from the house. There are an interesting group of characters at the house including the old lady who seems to have been around forever, a man who stays in the basement where animal noises come from during the nights, a and a woman with a small child. 
Julia has difficult moral decisions to make and she ends up needing to atone for a serious mistake she makes. 
I give this book four out of five stars as I found the story flowed well and Julia was an interesting person with unusual people around her. I did find that jump from the first part of the book in the house to the conclusion in the antagonist castle to be somewhat out of character though. 

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