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Roma- an interesting telling of ancient Rome by Steven Saylor

I have decided to expand reviews here on beyond just fantasy and SciFi to include other categories.  This review is of the historical fiction book "Roma" by Steven Saylor.

"Roma" covers the history of Rome from the early days of Romulas and Remus up to Augustus and Cleopatra.  The story flows based on a member of the  Potitii family being part of many of the historical periods of Rome.

I enjoyed this book as an ebook and liked the personal touch added to the historical events.  Several events such as the founding of the city by Romulas and Remaus, the capture of Roma by the Gauls, and the rule of Julius Caesar are told through the eyes of a member of the Potitii family.

I would rate this book 4 out of 5 stars.  The beginning and end of the book were interesting but a few sections in the middle were of less significance or just harder to stay interested in.  I did enjoy being entertained and learning some more about about history.  For more information about ancient Rome check out the wiki link below.

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