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On Top of Spumoni is the funniest romantic comedy I have ever read

OK, I admit it is also the first romantic comedy I have ever read. This is a funny and erotic book about a down on his luck, very overweight young man named Cooper Spanoli who literally runs into the woman of his dreams, twice!

Cooper is one of the nice guys that women would like but he lives with his parents, has very little confidence, no experience, and has really let his looks and body go over the years. But times are changing after a gorgeous young woman actually knocks him down on the sidewalk while she is running without looking. Cooper is a loveable loser who plays roleplaying games in his parents' basement with several of his romantically starved friends. But after his run in with Jacqueline Price his whole outlook changes. He suddenly has someone worth prioritizing over food which was his one true love for way too long.

This book really doesn't waste time before setting up one erotic scene after another. You learn early on that Cooper is huge in every way and he finally gets several opportunities to strut his stuff. You will need to check out the book in order to learn exactly what happens and with whom. For those looking for a funny, erotic story with a main character that is (mostly) realistic and doesn't look or act like a super model or porn star you should check out On Top of Spumoni. I give it five of five stars and would love to see a sequel!


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