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Objective and enjoyable telling of the overnight fight against heavily armed Somalis

Black Hawk Down is not a book of fiction, instead it is the actual retelling of the 18 hours that U.S. troops battled for their lives against thousands of heavily armed Somalia citizens in an attempt to rescue their fellow soldiers.

I usually only review fictional books and simply must say that if you enjoy books about military history then Black Hawk Down is a must read.

However, if I rate it just as a fictional story (which it is not so I realize this might seem unfair) the story can feel short. You don't get to learn a lot about the rational of the individuals from either side that ended up in the battle except for some excellent follow-up by the author in the closing remarks. The author also points out that he has no knowledge of the capabilities of various military equipment such as tanks so you are left wondering if the outcome would have been different with better preparation and planning.

The author does tell a very objective story about the situations that occur and Black Hawk Down is an enjoyable book overall. It just leaves you to question some of the decisions that were made and the U.S. policies and practices of the time on your own. I give it four out of five starts.

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