Author want to be noticed? Submit a free author listing or upgrade for more

Author want to be noticed? Submit a free author listing or upgrade for more

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Sorry I haven't blogged for awhile but I have been busy.

Beyond the real life issues of a busy summer and fall of work and kids' sports I have also been busy adding features to No longer will I just focus on posting book reviews and instead have expanded to include lots of cool stuff with a focus on the fantasy and scifi genres. Here is a highlight of the new content areas.

Expanded free author listings and new paid author listing/promotion upgrade option

Authors that have listed on the site have really appreciated the free listing service I provide but for just $10 the paid listing offers so much more.

For the free listing the author gets a simple listing that includes their bio with their picture, book genre, and any links they want to provide in their description.

 Free Author Listings

But for just a $10 upgrade the author can provide all of their social media links along with a page of their own that includes any of their books that they list and several other features such as an author blog. Author Crystal Phoenix has a very attractive listing and also was featured on my Twitter account. Here is a paid listing by author Crystal Phoenix with images of her page below.

 Paid Author Listings

On the author's page at the bottom is all of the books by the author along with a button to buy them directly from Amazon.

Paid Author Listings - Part 2

The full book listing includes several other fields such as the book genre and subgenre and can be linked in additional book and author blogs. You can even paste a long book excerpt. Talk about multiple opportunities to showcase your book?

 Full book listings

And there are step-by-step author submission instructions. Just use the link below and you can start with a free listing and decide to upgrade later.

Detailed author submission instructions with plenty of step-by-step images


 Anyone can submit an author listing, not just authors. I would love help as I continue to expand the author listings on the site so please consider listing some of your favorite authors. I have an especial interest in helping new authors get the word out by providing this free listing service.

You can always contact me for any support or to provide constructive feedback at Just click on the contact form button and the form shows up.



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