R.A. Salvatore- My favorite author of the 1990s

R.A. Salvatore- My favorite author of the 1990s

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R.A. Salvatore- My favorite author of the 1990s



One of the books that define who I am and what I liked growing up was  by . I was 17 when it was published in 1988. I was already a huge comic book fan at that age and as you can tell continue based on my entire website here at www.fantasyworldwriter.com a fan of the fantasy and SciFi genres.

I fell in love with The Crystal Shard because it seemed to be so much more than the typical fantasy book. The main characters were such amazing individuals not because of their skills or powers but because of their friendships and how they handled extreme challenges. The scene where the dwarf, Bruenor Battlehammer, fights a young barbarian, Wolfgar, and after injuring him adopts him as his own son is one of the most powerful in any book I have ever read.

And who doesn't love Drizzt Do'Urden, the noble dark elf who is feared just because of the deadly reputation of his race and yet proves again and again his endering friendship and loyalty to an unlikely team who become family. R.A. Salvatore is an incredible author who brings to life his characters and develops deep beliefs that drive their individual decisions while still providing plenty of epic adventure and suspense.

I could go on and on but I will save some of my thoughts for my reviews. Simply put if you have some how missed one of the best fantasy series out there I don't know how I could convince you beyond saying that this is probably my favorite series of all time and just reading this brings back memories and makes me want to reread the series starting with The Crystal Shard.

Shameless plug.  If you like to book I would appreciate if you buy it through the link below.  Websites are not free you know and it would thrill me to make a few cents through my Amazon affiliate status at no cost to you.

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